Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Square Bay Window Looking Thing

When we purchased our house we were well aware it was way to boxy looking (very traditional as well) with nothing to break up the lines. After careful consideration (and gallons of mt.dew) we decided on breaking up the corner with a "square bay window" looking thing. Forgive my lack of construction knowledge, I am sure there is this great way to describe that better but as usual I am blogging after 14 hours of work so I am running on fumes. As soon as someone is kind enough to tell me what to call it, I will edit my post. Well even though my name for the project isn't awesome, the outcome sure is!!!

Well, there it is 1/4 of the house wide open. I will admit, you have your moments of doubt about two people finishing this before the day's end..
This was at the end of the night, all buttoned up. Time to go home.... approximately 2am
The next day we begin on the other side. Last minute, (guilty as charged), I decided to add another window to this side. It turned out to be one of my favorite decisions so far as I felt this side of the house was looking a little bare. The window was just an extra we had, and didn't know where to use it.

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