Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bathroom Tile / Grout Needed

Both of our bathrooms got their tile work completed this past weekend. We are all extremely pleased with the work. The pictures do not do it justice without the grout as it's really unfinished but we couldn't wait to show everyone what it looked like so far!!! That niche is really orange by the way. It appears to be almost red in the pictures.

Stairs Removal

We removed those horrible stairs that went up to the deck over the weekend. Except for the dirty brick it exposed, I think it makes the house look much better. These pictures also show the final stage of the porch that is ready now (well besides the fascia and ice/water shield that needs to be installed) for the standing seam metal roof. Hopefully that will happen soon.

All things considering, I think this is a wonderful shot of the house, you can really start seeing the new shape of exterior things to come. Or at least I can...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Framing up Porch

As mentioned in previous posts the porch idea was an idea of my father's as we brain stormed of ways to correct the problems with the original construction of the house.
Due to the fact that on two sides of the house the second story did not extend over the first story and this caused all kinds of water intrusion issues. He came up with the idea as opposed to framing out of the second story's exterior walls to extend the proper distance over the bottom story. I really liked his idea as I saw it as another opportunity to add some character to a once bland and traditional designed house. In retrospect (even though it has pretty much doubled in the effort we thought it would take, and quadrupled in what we thought it would cost) I like my father's idea much better than the orginal plan. It has added so much to the house, but boy has it been a PITA!!!

Well look who it is!! Myself helping my Father (finally got someone else to take some pictures for a change! I think everyone was starting to wonder If I actually do work or just sit around bossing Dad around!!

My friend Mettler helping my Dad out, thanks again Mettler for all the help!!
Another late night shift. I sure hope the neighbors don't mind!
One side finished and ready for the standing seam roof, well the little side.. HAHA

So after 2 months...

As you can see its a good thing we do not work at the same pace for which I blog. Quite a few projects have been "almost" completed over the last two two months. We are almost done with installing the Range Hood (www.zephyronline.com), almost finished with all of the duct work, and we are actually completely done with the living room ceiling fan (modernfan.com) install.

Awesome story about the range hood, being that I am a eBay fiend and all. I found the hood over a year ago and couldn't find it any cheaper than $1,100ish. Well I saved a search on eBay to notify me if any popped up and VOILA, almost an entire year later I found this one. Brand new, for only $600!!! Another eBay story coming up about the kitchen sink soon!!!