Sunday, September 28, 2008

We have Attic Space!! *Kinda

When we began re-modeling/building our house I was at time planning on redoing the roof in 1-2 years after completion as it was in decent shape. Our roof did have this completely ridiculous valley in it that I wanted taken out and a basic 4 hip roof framed out instead. After mulling this over, I decided it would be best to go ahead and have the roof re-framed out now as well as a new roof put on. Not much point in running a marathon with flip flops on. My father and I found a wonderful Hispanic crew who framed out the roof in one day and did a greatjob. I showed up to watch them hang off the side of the house like crazyed monkeys, drink unprecedented amounts of "Rockstar", jam Mexican Music, and laugh at my father completely butchering their language. Ironically they have been the fastest along with providing the best workmanship of any contractors we have used up to this point. I am hoping the contractors we use in the future are that good. We also had a tree removal company come out and remove two trees out of our back yard. I forgot to take pictures with the trees gone to show how much more of our house you can see from the road even though one tree was in the back, and one on the side. Honestly tree removal isn't the sexiest of remodeling, however it might prove to be the hottest..

As you can see we now have some attic space. Of course in the true fashion of how my father and I do things, we open up the roof and attic space AFTER we install the recessed lighting in the tightest and hardest places. I think we have a genetic defect that causes us to do things the hardest ways. I am assuming I inherited that from him. That and I am only 5'6", postitve he gave me that too..
The guys also replaced the fascia boards (which were rotten 1x8 and tilted about 30 degrees back) with a new 2x6 that is straight down without the angle (now they are like | as opposed to \ before). I am going to finish the fascia out with Hardie Trim that is 1x9.25. I always liked larger fascias and the cantilever fascia is going to be 1x9.25, so I really wanted them both to match.