Monday, March 30, 2009

Framing up Porch

As mentioned in previous posts the porch idea was an idea of my father's as we brain stormed of ways to correct the problems with the original construction of the house.
Due to the fact that on two sides of the house the second story did not extend over the first story and this caused all kinds of water intrusion issues. He came up with the idea as opposed to framing out of the second story's exterior walls to extend the proper distance over the bottom story. I really liked his idea as I saw it as another opportunity to add some character to a once bland and traditional designed house. In retrospect (even though it has pretty much doubled in the effort we thought it would take, and quadrupled in what we thought it would cost) I like my father's idea much better than the orginal plan. It has added so much to the house, but boy has it been a PITA!!!

Well look who it is!! Myself helping my Father (finally got someone else to take some pictures for a change! I think everyone was starting to wonder If I actually do work or just sit around bossing Dad around!!

My friend Mettler helping my Dad out, thanks again Mettler for all the help!!
Another late night shift. I sure hope the neighbors don't mind!
One side finished and ready for the standing seam roof, well the little side.. HAHA

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