Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Muse (Dwell Magazine June 2006)

I thought some explanation for our reasoning to renovate this house might be helpful.

Amanda and I have been wishing and hoping for a MCM style home to pop up for over 4 years now. We wanted something in a condition that required some remodeling, as we really wanted to update the majority of the interior and perhaps some of the exterior. There are really only four neighborhoods local to us that have MCM style houses. Two of those neighborhoods are more on the depreciating side than the appreciating side and not the safest. That left us with two neighborhoods to choose from.

The only reason we had the crazy idea of renovating.. remodeling.. or in this case partially rebuilding a home is because of the June 2006 vol. 6 issue of Dwell Magazine. On page 172 begins a story about finding an ugly, perhaps dilapidated house in a neighborhood you love for the RIGHT price and turning that house into your dream house. We decided this option was for us. We didn't want to wait any longer for a house to pop up and the house we found was in a perfect location. We were even surprised to have a view of the lake outside our front door.

So thats how this all began. One night in the kitchen thumbing thru Dwell.... That is our inspiration, motivation, courage, lunacy, and zaniness began....


DanniCabello said...

ohhhh my god!! u guys are brave!! when we were looking for a house we were trying to find one w/ the littlest amount of work to do in it as possible. That probably was because Matt is soo not mechanically or any other "llys" inclined, if it doent need to be choked, punched or kicked, he just cant do it. Gook luck guys! If yall need anything please dont hesitate to NOT call us LOL jk

Anonymous said...

Good luck you two it looks like you have some work ahead of you but I'm sure it will be nice when you are done. Just wish we lived closer to help you with it. Bruce and Linda Oftedahl MN

Peter said...

good luck with all that. It almost reminds me of an episode of "flip this house".