Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goodbye Paneling, Hello Ants..

The neighbor came over and had a small chat with my extremely personable father. These were a few notable moments from the conversation....

Neighbor: "So did someone buy the house"
My Father: "Yes my son did"
Neighbor: (excited) "Is he going to tear it down?!?!?"
My Father: "No, he is going to live in it...."

sooo... as you can see the neighboorhood probably has a wonderful outlook on the house, lol. It is pretty much the ugly duckling on the street...

So we started removing the paneling. It has went extremely well so far, and even looks cleaner (from my viewpoint) without it. I still cant get over that someone thought this was a good idea for the WHOLE house. The bathrooms were only spared because someone decided to sheetrock over them at some point.

The paneling starting to stack up in the Living Room. It seems Habitat For Humanity is willing to come out and pick this stuff up. Why, I have no idea...Hopefully it will do someone some good. Lord knows it has done enough bad..
This Window sill and behind that wall is COVERED with ants.... Today was the day for the fogger which hopefully will sidetrack (KILL) those little boogers. I still cant believe with all the trash, food, crap left behind we havent found one huge RAT in the house. Well besides the Selling Agent who sold me the house, but that would be a totally different blog all together.

Progress being made on the dungeon.

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