Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tub Deck

We Finished up the Tub Deck. Wow did the bathroom get alot smaller really fast! I was amazed at how big that tub is going to be in here. I have attached a picture of the tub we went with. This is one of the late minute decisions that we decided to spend a little more money on. We are REALLY excited about it!


Doug G. said...

Greetings. I stumbled across this post in a search for a good, modern drop-in tub for a bathroom remodel project in San Diego. This is exactly what I'm looking for. What kind of tub is it?

I'm hoping it's cheaper than a WetStyle.

Damon said...

It is the Aquatic Serenity 9 Air Bath. I cant say how much I like or dislike it yet as we dont have it installed yet =/. I will tell you they were the best priced tub with the best feedback in my countless ours of online research. I absolutely love the way the look too!